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We offer our clients...

• Technology Roadmapping

• Facilitation

• Technology Management

• Technology Audit

• Process Mapping

• IT Consultancy

Outcome Based Technology Management


Technology Management Service

Somer Solvit helps organisations unlock the value of technology.

In the UK there is an emerging need to improve performance and maintain competitiveness. Appropriate selection and use of technology can create new ways of working, improve effectiveness and enable the production of products and services which have the potential to create significant value for an organisation.

We can help you achieve your goals in a number of areas...

  • We provide impartial technology management support, leaving you to concentrate on your business;

  • We offer support to high technology startups;

  • We provide impartial advice to help you align technology to your business objectives;

  • We support you in your technology risk assessment, this will help identify areas for improvement.

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